In a situation of disability

Offer adapted to visitors with reduced mobility

Offer & prices

Free admission for disabled visitors and their companions, on presentation of valid proof (Mobility and Inclusion card for French visitors), or organization certificate (groups).

Self-guided tours, book in advance

If you book your tickets in advance, you'll have less of a wait. Free admission for children and young adults aged 26 and under.

Book a ticket

Self-guided tour

Free for individuals
€20 (for groups of 8 or more) for groups of up to 20 people.

Only the barbican and the main courtyard are accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Unfortunately, the monument does not yet offer guided tours adapted for people with reduced mobility.

Remote guided tours

  • 40 € per group

We offer a range of themed tours, so don't hesitate to contact us if you'd like to discover the monument in a whole new way! Drone views, escapades on the ramparts... gain access to areas closed to the general public.

Educational activities

Throughout the year, the educational service team offers visitors activities on a variety of themes: discovery tours and themed tours devoted to history, architecture and art history.

Each of these activities can be adapted to the pedagogical projects of different groups including children with motor disabilities (with escorts for wheelchairs).

Tour support

A tour booklet includes a historical presentation, a map of the town and commented photographs of the independent tour route (castle and ramparts), which is not wheelchair-accessible. This booklet is available free of charge from the château ticket office.

Good to know

  • Disabled visitors are strongly advised to be accompanied by an able-bodied person (the tour route is vast and hilly).
  • Assistance dogs permitted.
  • Seats are available in the main courtyard and in the lapidary museum.
  • Adapted sanitary facilities in the château.
  • The self-guided tour is partially wheelchair-accessible and demanding for people with reduced mobility and high levels of fatigue: numerous steps and spiral staircases.
  • The ramparts are not recommended for people with severe fatigue.

Parking & access


Reserved parking spaces
For individual visitors with GIG or GIC badges or "carte européenne de stationnement", several reserved spaces are available in the paid Delteil parking lot (free from 7:30pm), opposite the entrance to the Cité.

Drop-off point
For individual visitors, a drop-off point (bus stop) is available in front of the Cité's main entrance.

Access to the monument

  • The main entrance to the Cité de Carcassonne is located at the Porte Narbonnaise, which is accessed via a drawbridge, preceded by paved areas.
  • After a 200 m climb up the paved main street, the castle's barbican is accessible.
  • The ticket booths located in the castle's barbican are accessible, but it is preferable for the person accompanying the visitor to purchase their ticket there. The receptionist at the entrance to the monument will give them reserved access.
  • People with reduced mobility or severe fatigue, each accompanied by an able-bodied person, can access the monument in the same way. The castle gate is preceded by paved areas.

Inside the monument

  • The main courtyard is accessible.
  • Access to the Lapidary Museum, on the second floor, is via the Tour de la Poudre from the parapet walk, after crossing two towers and a number of steps (20). The lapidary rooms can be accessed directly from the parapet walk.
  • In the lapidary museum, seating is available in several rooms.
  • The audiovisual presentation is on the second floor, and access involves climbing a series of steps:
  • From the Cour d'Honneur to the main staircase landing: 3 steps
  • Access to the south courtyard: 2 large steps.
  • Staircase to second floor: 15 steps, followed by a landing, then 4 steps.
  • Staircase from first to second floor: 13, then 8, then 13, then 2 steps separated by wide landings.
  • Tour of the castle shaft: not wheelchair-accessible; the hourds are crossed by a flight of steps.
  • From the model room (2nd floor), free access to the upper parts of the castle (fortified shell).
  • From the model room to the Pinte tower: 4 steps to the curtain wall above the courtyard, then a 7-step spiral staircase, followed by 3 steps.
  • Stroll along the high lices to the Saint-Nazaire basilica. Caution: the stony path makes access difficult.
  • You can also walk through the lower lices as far as the Tréseau tower.
  • Access to the interior of the Basilica of Saint-Nazaire through the North Portal (both leaves open) is preceded by a step.

Access to the East Gate towers

  • From the East door to the hoardings, 8-step wooden staircase, then 8 steps up to the Barracks tower, then 6 steps down to reach the second hoarding.


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